29 July 2018

The “Mini Magnum” Patent

Brevetto Bottiglia Bolllicine

One detail that separates us from the other wine producers is the patent on the bottle, designed and produced by us alone. The spherical shape of the bottle means that the wine inside has less contact with the glass which may be subject to potential changes in temperature. The distinct, shorter bottleneck helps to reduce the amount of oxygen inside the bottle in ratio to the liquid, so that it develops characteristics which are usually found in Magnum-size bottles. This is how we came up with the name, “Mini Magnum”. In fact, the dimensions of the bottle significantly influence its preservability and the refinement processes of the wine. In the smaller bottles, for example the half or quarter-size bottle, the wine matures faster and is therefore not as inclined to refinement processes.

This accelerated maturation is due to the greater amount of oxygen inside the bottle which means that the oxidation process will be accelerated. However, with a larger bottle and shorter neck, the conditions inside the bottle will encourage refinement of the wine, in that the amount of oxygen will be smaller in relation to the amount of wine.  All this allows the wine to develop its excellent organoleptic qualities.

The bottle’s rubberized body and its unique, patented shape make the product excellent in both looks and quality. The chic, captivating form is the fruition of careful design aimed at achieving excellence. Another salient feature of this patent is the absence of labels. The bottle is completely screen-printed and therefore allows for personalization. In fact, it is possible to order customized BOLLLICINE with various colors or with your company’s logo. You can find all our products on our website and you can always contact us for more information!