29 July 2018

The Green


Extra Dry Millesimato 2013

Bolllicine The Green

In almost every culture, the color green has always symbolized hope and a love of everything natural, living according to the laws of nature and respecting tradition. Green instills a sense of fairness and nobleness of spirit as well as imparting tenacity and perseverance when faced with challenging undertakings. Green has always been associated with the Chinese Jade, a hardstone that symbolizes energy and change. It is fascinating how green is arrived at with the use of yellow, a powerful and energetic color, that, in transforming into green, acquires stability and balance and resonates with the universe. It is this philosophical basis that has driven the development of unique, exclusive products that we at BOLLLICINE® wine producers take great pride in.

THE GREEN Extra Dry Millesimato 2013.

The elegance and awareness of THE GREEN Extra Dry Millesimato 2013 is evident from the moment you first taste it. Its rich bouquet includes aromatic herbs and spices, such as mint and lemongrass, which, with their slightly tart notes, temper the sharp sugary sweetness of this Extra Dry. THE GREEN Extra Dry Millesimato 2013 is decidedly transparent and clear with a mousse that brings elegance to the glass on account of the vigor of the bubbles and the absence of oxygen in the bottle. The iconic, spherical shape is synonymous with the brand and thus the bottle has remained unchanged. The novel opaque black, almost rubber-like, leaden hue, in combination with gold, becomes refined, like graphite that becomes diamond, assuming a clean and clear surface, reflective and almost mirror-like and decidedly elegant and opulent. It has an even more modern and futuristic look, now with greenish tones on the neck as well as in the name. This Extra Dry is obviously a single year vintage and is characterized by distinct apple scents, subtle hints of citrus, an elegant mousse, a delicate flavor and is a clear yellow hue with greenish hints.

  • BLEND: 70% Pinot Bianco and 30% Verduzzo
  • VOL: 11%
  • 60 days of fermentation using the Charmat Method.
  • Pleasant and harmonious aroma and freshness.
  • Eastern Veneto
  • SERVING SUGGESTIONS: best as an aperitif, afternoon or dessert spumante.