29 July 2018

General Notes

Delivery times and methods

Shipping costs are included in the product prices.

Order processing takes 5 working days from order date.

Delivery is by express courier, Sda (who will provide you with a tracking code). Delivery times and methods are subject to the general rules of Sda.


Right of Cancellation

In addition to its general statutory provisions, The Consumer Code grants the consumer, for distance contracts or those outside commercial premises, to unilaterally withdraw from a finalized contract for goods and services. The Right of Cancellation denotes the consumer’s right to unilaterally withdraw from the contractual obligation by returning the purchased goods (or revoking the order) and consequently obtaining reimbursement for the price paid.

This form of unilateral cancellation presents completely singular provisions not common to the usual regulated categories of the civil code, according to which, cancellation is only possible (with the exception of a breach of contract) when both parties of a contract are in agreement.

This being the case, it is appropriate to identify in which cases and within which limits it is possible to exercise the right of cancellation, as provided for by the Consumer Code.


Scope of application

The right of cancellation may be exercised only in relation to contracts for the sale of goods and services, finalized at distance or outside commercial premises, between consumer and vendor and only by the former and not by the latter, not vice versa. By consumer, it is understood the natural person who acts for purposes unrelated to the business or professional activities undertaken. By vendor, it is understood the natural person or legal entity that acts in pursuit of his or her business or professional activities. The vendor is always obliged to communicate to the consumer the possibility of the latter’s exercising his or her right of cancellation.

The right of cancellation is undeniable and not subjectable to penalties or limitations. The exercise of the right of cancellation is not limited to claims of just cause as the consumer may exercise the right of cancellation without being obligated to provide any explanation as to the reasons or causes for withdrawal from the contract. Any eventual clause to the contrary would be considered null and void.


The right of cancellation may be exercised from the moment of finalization of the contract up until fourteen days after receipt of the merchandise. In the event the vendor has not satisfied the obligations of information, for contracts and contractual proposals negotiated outside commercial premises, the period for the right of cancellation of goods and services is 60 or 90 days respectively. For goods, this period takes effect from the day of their receipt by the consumer and for services, from the day of the finalization of the contract.

How the right of cancellation is exercised

The right of cancellation is exercised by sending written communication to the vendor’s head office by registered letter with advice of receipt within a period of fourteen days. It is possible to send the communication, within the same period, by telegram, telex, e-mail and fax on condition that it is confirmed by registered letter with advice of receipt within the following forty-eight hours.

In the registered letter, it suffices to include your personal details and those relating to the order and purchase, requesting the reimbursement of the price paid within the period of 30 days.

If explicitly provided for in the information concerning the right of cancellation or in the sale offer or in the clauses of the contract, the consumer may exercise the right of cancellation by proceeding to the direct and immediate return of the goods without the obligation of prior communication.


TECHNICAL DETAILS REGARDING THE EXCLUSIVE BOTTLE The smaller bottles, such as the half or quarter-size, are not ideally suited for the refinement of the wine as the shape and structure of the bottle accelerates the maturation of the wine. However, in the Alessandro Fedalto bottle, whose design is registered and patented, the shorter neck ensures lower oxygen levels and thus allows the wine to develop its excellent organoleptic qualities. Other favorable factors of the great Bolllicine shapes include the dark color of the bottle’s glass, the color having to be proportional to the liquid quantity (protection from the light allows good preservation of the wine). Thus, the rubber surface and the thickness are of extreme importance for the prolonged longevity of the contents over time. Even the cork is high-quality, a 100% tested and guaranteed Mytik Diam. All these details help to set us apart. On a final note, the normal 0.75-liter bottle has been designed to be personalized both on the rubberized surface and on the silicone ring located on the neck.